Cubans in Trinidad and Tobago pay tribute to Fidel on his 96th birthday.

Port of Spain, August 13, 2022. The Embassy group, health collaborators and representatives of Cuban residents, celebrate the 96th birthday of the largest giant. The audiovisual made with phrases, images, as well as anecdotes and evaluations extracted from the publication "I met Fidel" by the Cuban journalist Wilmer Rodríguez, allowed us to get closer to the depth of his historical, political, and revolutionary thought and to learn even more about his personality.

Serve this tribute as a token of love and infinite gratitude to the man who defended his country without hesitation or rejoicing, with the sole purpose of fulfilling Marti's maxim "With everyone and for the good of all".

You will continue to be #FidelPorSiempre and the eternal Commander of the Cuban Revolution. Thank you for everything Fidel.

Follow the link to the video:

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