Cuba's Ambassador to Nigeria receives the President of the National Athletics Federation

NIGERIA, October 31, 2017. The Cuban Ambassador accredited in Nigeria, Carlos Trejo Sosa, received the President of the National Athletics Federation of the country in the afternoon.

The meeting was fruitful, allowed to know the interest of both parties to strengthen ties in the sports sector, especially in Athletics or as also known as "the king sport". In addition, they exchanged ideas regarding the development of the sector in each country.

The Cuban diplomat made a brief review of the achievements made by the Glorias del deporte in Cuba, since the beginning of the revolutionary triumph. He also offered a current overview of the results achieved by Cuban athletes at an international level.

Cuba and Nigeria signed a Bilateral Collaboration Agreement on sports, in 2013, an instrument that facilitates the exchange between both countries.

The meeting counted, on the Nigerian side, with the participation of the Secretary General of the Federation, Nigerian alumni and the television media, NTA. On the Cuban side, the second secretary of the Embassy, ​​Leydis Bernal Suárez, was present.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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