Cuba's parliament rejects new U.S. accusation of terrorism

The National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba (Parliament) today rejected the certification issued by the U.S. State Department that this country "does not fully cooperate" with the anti-terrorist efforts of the United States.

The International Relations Commission of the legislative body firmly condemned the persistence of this accusation which, together with the unjust inclusion of Cuba in the list of countries that allegedly sponsor terrorism, contributes to further reinforce the criminal economic, financial and commercial blockade that increases the hardships of the Cuban people.

The permanence, for political reasons, of the Antillean island on that list - to the detriment of its exemplary performance in this matter - calls into question the alleged commitment of the White House in the fight against this scourge, says the statement, published on the Cuban parliament's Twitter portal.

The punitive actions resulting from this arbitrary and unjustified measure have caused a significant increase in the number of banks in third countries that, for fear of reprisals from the U.S. government, have suspended their operations with Cuba, including transfers for the purchase of food, medicines, fuel, spare parts for the national energy system and other goods for the population, the document says.

The text exemplifies that only in the health sector, it has not been possible to reach the production levels of the country's basic list of medicines, due to the impossibility of making payments for obtaining the necessary raw materials and supplies.

The statement adds that the U.S. coercive measures accentuate the difficulties to access medical technologies with more than 10% of U.S. components, essential for the treatment of our people, and increase the need to resort to alternative transportation routes with a high additional cost.

The International Relations Commission of the Cuban parliament reveals the contradiction of the alleged accusation that Cuba does not cooperate with the anti-terrorist efforts of the United States, "when there are concrete examples of cooperation between Cuban and U.S. authorities to confront it within the framework of bilateral instruments in force and under the protection of International Law".

The statement reiterates the call to the U.S. Congress to listen to the majority feeling of broad sectors of its society that advocate the end of this policy and promote mutually beneficial ties; on the other hand, the document urges the parliaments of the world to join the claim.

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