Cuba’s public personalities reach People’s Summit in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, June 8, 2022.- Despite the obstacles by the US Government to prevent it, Cuba's public personalities is heard in the city of Los Angeles during the opening day of the People's Summit this Wednesday.

Cuba is present in several panels on democracy, the blockade and other spaces, activist Claudia de la Cruz told Prensa Latina when commenting on the event, which will be held at Los Angeles Vocational-Technical Community College.

“We receive the Cuban delegation virtually and they could speak to the US people,” De la Cruz, co-director of The People’s Forum platform, stressed.

Leaders of the Cuban civil society and recognized professionals in their field could not travel to Los Angeles because the US administration refused to process their visas, but gave permission to those who slavishly respond to their interests on the island.

There is no American continent without Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, De la Cruz said when referring to the countries that were not invited to attend the 9th Summit of the Americas, which is being held in this city from Monday to Friday.

We respond to the Summit of exclusion by President Joe Biden and the Organization of American States (OAS) with a Summit of inclusion, dialogue, exchange and collaboration, De la Cruz, who is also a member of the International Assembly of the Peoples, said.

She considered that Cuba is a threshold not only for the American continent but also for the world, as well as it is a model to follow in terms of economic and social policies that put the needs of the people at the front and center of everything.

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