Daily Observer publishes article about effects of the blockade in the agriculture

Cuban farmers

Banjul, October 10, 2016.- Gambian newspaper Daily Observer published an extensive article in his Commentary section entitled "US embargo leaves Cuban farmers waiting for modernity", which assures that “nowhere in Cuba are the effect of the continuing US economic embargo more apparent than in the countryside, where farming cooperatives relay on outdated tools and processing plants can´t obtain spare parts”. Taken integrally from similar information published by BBC News the day before, the article mentions testimonies of several farmers belonging to both cooperative and private sectors who agree that U.S. economic embargo is strangling them and forcing them to rely on technology that date to the 19th century. The interviewees reveal how many obstacles must be overcome and what great efforts have to be made, without discarding the inventions they have managed to make to produce their own spare parts in order to keep working their machineries and to achieve production objectives, given the prohibitions of the blockade that prevents the acquisition of spare parts and equipments even coming from third countries.