Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Abuja welcomes Cuba.


Abuja, September 19, 2023.- The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Nigeria, Ambassador of Cameroon, Mr. Salaheddine Abbas Ibrahim received this afternoon the Ambassador of Cuba in this country, Miriam Morales Palmero in a cordial courtesy visit.

Both diplomats addressed issues of common interest regarding the Bilateral Agenda, in addition to exchanging elements on the current situation of instability in West Africa and the capacity of regional organizations as main mediators of the current crisis.

The Cameroonian ambassador stated that during his more than 15 years in Nigeria he has always maintained very good relations with the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba and that it would remain so. Diplomatic relations between the two countries have been highlighted by the cordial exchange in the search for points of interest that benefit the Cuban and Cameroonian people.


(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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