Declaration of the Commission on International Relations of the National People’s Power Assembly on the ocassion of Africa Day

Declaration of the Commission on International Relations of the National People’s Power Assembly on the ocassion of Africa Day
Havana, May 14, 2022- The Commission on International Relations of the National Assembly of People’s Power of the Republic of Cuba expresses its warmest and most sincere congratulations to the African peoples on the occasion of Africa Day, this May 25.

We Cubans feel proud of our African roots and recognize the decisive contribution made to the Cuban nationality by the more than 1.2 million Africans who were brought to our country after being uprooted from their home countries by the abominable slave trade and whose presence has ever since marked the history of Cuba.

We reaffirm that the special bonds that exist between Cuba and Africa, which we have both built together throughout the years under the able guidance and fraternity of the historical leaders of our nations, are indestructible.  Those bonds were strengthened even further during the heroic deeds staged by our peoples against colonialism and racism in African soil, as well as the efforts to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of several African nations.

We highlight the broad and solid friendly, solidarity and cooperative relations built between Africa and Cuba since the deployment of the first Cuban medical mission in Algeria in 1963 until the present.

Faithful to our common history and underscoring the importance of parliamentary exchanges in the development of relations between our peoples and governments, we renew our commitment to work towards a much broader and dynamic relation among our legislative bodies.

Achieving that will require more frequent contacts between our parliaments; an increased number of bilateral parliamentary groups of friendship bent on improving their work; a higher number of virtual meetings that would make us feel closer in the distance and the promotion of greater exchange of information, experiences and consultations in international parliamentary fora.

We take this opportunity to express our profound and sincere appreciation for the resolutions that the African Union adopts every year condemning and asking for the immediate lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the government of the United States of America against Cuba.

We would likewise express our gratitude for the innumerable expressions of solidarity that we continuously receive from Africa through caravans, marches, solidarity campaigns and many other actions in support of the Cuban people in the face of a US genocidal policy that has been cynically strengthened in the midst of the difficulties created by the pandemic with the introduction of more than 240 new measures under the Trump administration still in force under the current government.

Finally, in the context of this celebration, we wish Africa every success in the implementation of its social and economic development projects, particularly those devoted to the crucially important food security issue, and we are sure that these new achievements will bring about greater prosperity and wellbeing to the brother peoples of that continent.


Commission on International Relations


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