Declaration of the Communist Party of Ireland in the face of aggression against Cuba in the European Parliament.

Declaration of the Communist Party of Ireland in the face of aggression against Cuba in the European Parliament.

Dublin, June 5, 2021. The Embassy of Cuba in Ireland fulfills the duty to share the following Declaration of the Communist Party of Ireland, to which it ratifies our gratitude for its permanent solidarity with the Cuban people and denounces the attacks it receives.


A new maneuver and attacks against Cuba is being prepared in the European Parliament.

Next week in the European Parliament a small group of right-wing MEP's will be promoting a draft resolution that will be presented on June 8, that aims to condemn Cuba with false accusations of repression of the artistic movement.

None of these MEP's have a record of opposing the 60 years illegal blockade on Cuba imposed by the United States Government. Like many of the establishment politicians they are extremely selective in the actions and condemnations. There has been little if any criticism of the violent repression and the growing death toll in Colombia, as the government attempts to smash the workers and peasants resistance.

The EU institutions and the majority of the MEP's have remained silent on the growing repression of the workers and peasant's movements right across Latin America.

The promoting MEP's have never been interested in the rights of the Cuban people, nor the independence and sovereignty of Cuba. They have never raised their voice to condemn the economic blockade of the United States government against the 11 million Cubans, regardless of the ideology they embrace, and that it constitutes a crime and a true flagrant, massive and systematic violation of the rights of all Cubans and form of collective punishment of the Cuban people that has lasted more than 60 years.

The so-called "San Isidro Movement" is not an artistic project, nor is it indigenous. This grouping supports the economic blockade against their own people, illegally imposed by the USA Government, and have gone further and have called for US military intervention in Cuba.

One 'artistic' exhibit featured defecation wrapped in the Cuban national flag. Just one example among other multiple offences to the Cuban people.

Like many so-called “human rights groups” across the world "San Isidro Movement" openly boast that they receive money from various organizations and individuals in the United States who have proven links to terrorist organizations.

We only need to re-call the fake uproar in the US Congress about alleged "Russian and Chinese” interference in the USA electoral process. Once again it is a case of the USA and the EU telling everyone else “do as we say, not as we do.”

There is ample evidence about this grouping which can be found in the social media posts put up by themselves.

The video and audio images that show the normal physical state in which the leader of the so-called “San Isidro Movement” arrived walking to the hospital, after some days of an alleged hunger strike, as well as his own statements about the excellent medical care received, are available and can be consulted on social networks.

Not for accident that person has been attacked by the most extremist sectors in Miami who accused him of betraying the movement.

The accusations of kidnapping this person and of police repression against members of his movement are completely false.

What would be the reaction of the Irish state or the EU if an organization or another country advocated and promoted an economic blockade and a military intervention against any of the nations that make up the European Union? What would be their reaction if that organization was encouraged and was under the protection and financed by a foreign government.

It is not bad timing or by accident that this motion is coming before the European Parliament at this time, but rather this motion is an attempt to sabotage the implementation of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement, as well as undermine the dialogues on human rights between Cuba and the European Union.

Democratic opinion and all progressive minded individuals and organizations here in Ireland need to mobilise to prevent this motion being adopted, which is promoted by thud group of right wing MEP's. We all need to contact MEP's from across Ireland to call upon them to speak out and to oppose this motion. We should also, request that they use their social media platforms to oppose this motion and alert their supporters of what is happening.

We know that the Irish people have given great support and solidarity to the Cuban people over the decades. We now need to step up that solidarity.

Please send a message to all Irish MEP's requesting that the speak out loud and clear against this extremely hostile action against the Cuban people.

Communist Party of Ireland

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