Declaration of Condemnation by the International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of the People’s Power

Cuban Parliament Commission for Int'l Relations

We have closely followed the most recent events in the European Parliament and have noted with disgust that the same faction of MEPs subservient to Washington have contrived to schedule a new debate on Cuba on September 16 next, dragging with them the political groupings to which they belong. This action once again turns the Parliament into a pawn in maneuvers of escalating aggression that is contrary to genuinely European interests and to the respectful dialogue that has characterized Cuba-EU relations.

The persistent activities of this group of MEPs should be grounds for concern for the Union’s citizens and institutions, since its conduct in relation to these matters is marked by double standards and a proliferation of lies, in order to single out a sovereign nation, in violation of the ethical conduct that should mark their actions as members of the European Parliament, in accordance with Article 10 of its internal regulations.

The promoters of this latest maneuver lack the moral authority to hold themselves out as defenders of the rights of the Cuban people. They cannot legitimately adopt such a stance, since they do not even have the decency to act independently, but bend to the will of a foreign power that is waging against our country a brutal economic, commercial, financial, political and communication war - intensified at a time when we are faced with the pandemic - as the most flagrant and systematic violation of the human rights of all Cubans, a fact which these persons, demonstrating their emblematic political hypocrisy, have never even bothered to denounce.

It is well to remember that they do not represent the opinion of the totality of the members of the European Parliament in which, despite the faction’s extremist diatribes, there is a parliamentary group friendly to Cuba whose voice is heard with increasing emphasis against the calumnies these individuals attempt to propagate. Neither do they reflect the views of the European peoples, among whom a vigorous solidarity movement of huge symbolic and moral value, which encourages and supports the efforts of our people, is growing day by day.

Once again, the International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of the People’s Power highlights the threat posed by politicized exercises such as this, which reflect the personal political agenda of their promoters rather than any genuine concern for safeguarding human rights in Cuba or elsewhere. Accordingly, we call on the MEPs not to lend their support to this latest maneuver.

Havana, September 13th, 2021.

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