The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba strongly rejects the disrespectful statement issued by the US State Department, attributed to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, which intends to question the constitutional referendum that was freely and sovereignly held by all Cubans on February 24 last.


The text of the statement is an expression of the imperialist ideas which are deeply rooted in the foreign policy of the current US administration.  It is also a reflection of the already announced desire to impose once again, in the western hemisphere, the Monroe Doctrine, accompanied now by some McCarthyist intolerance.


 The Cuban people spoke loud and clear this February 24; they did it with overwhelming eloquence.  Through their vote, they freely pledged their commitment to the construction of socialism, and they did so by expressing their will in a massive way, despite the pernicious campaign launched by the United States which was intended to influence their vote.  It’s been long since we Cubans decided to frustrate every US attempt to govern our country’s destiny.


The US State Department should put an end to the practice of interfering in the internal affairs of other States and the electoral or voting processes of other nations.  This is a weird habit that is contrary to International Law, with which the US government defies the norms that govern relations among sovereign States.


 Havana, February 26, 2019.

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