Delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba holds meeting at Concordia University

The delegation of the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba composed of the General Director of Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies, Ondina León Díaz, PhD, and the Head of the Multilateral Affairs Department, Maiky Díaz Pérez, PhD, met with Dr. Dominique Berube, Vice-President of Research of Concordia University, and Dr. Effrosyni Diamantoudi, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. 

During the meeting, they exchanged views on university training modalities based on training courses and on scientific training based on thesis research projects. They expressed interest in joint-supervision PhD training programs in the areas of engineering, administration, social sciences and innovation, which will require a deeper understanding between the parties. The International Congress Universidad 2024 was promoted as a space for the rapprochement between scientific leaders and higher education institutions.

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