Demand from Nigeria the end to the US blockade against Cuba.

Nigeria, October 26, 2022- As part of the growing denunciations that are heard from all over the world against the genocidal US blockade against Cuba, yesterday the Cuban ambassador to Nigeria, Clara M. Pulido Escandell, gave a press conference before the Nigerian information media to denounce the genocidal policy of the US administration towards the Cuban people.

The Cuban diplomat updated the information on the economic war measures that are organized and executed by the US government and the negative effects that this has for the Cuban people. Similarly, she addressed historical elements of the birth of this policy, its causes and objectives.

She thanked Nigeria for supporting the Cuban resolution against the blockade, which has invariably voted against this genocidal policy, as part of the great bloc of countries that every year demand the end of the blockade at the United Nations.

During the press conference, a representative of the group of Nigerian graduates in Cuba, Dr. Onuche Audu, expressed his experiences during his years of study on the Caribbean island and denounced how the blockade negatively influences Cuba's purposes of solidarity and collaboration. The Nigerian doctor, said that despite the US blockade, Cuban people have never renounced their principles of solidarity and friendship, and continue to receive students and continue to help their doctors and other professionals in dissimilar parts of the world.

It is not a secret that the blockade imposes great challenges on the Cuban education system, making it difficult to acquire the necessary supplies for teaching, however, the commitments with the people and with collaboration make the challenges turn into victories every day. and that every day more voices of friends are incorporated in demanding the demand for genocidal proceeding from the US administration.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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