Díaz-Canel speaks at the UN on behalf of the G77+China.

New York, September 18. President Miguel Díaz-Canel spoke on behalf of the South at the Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals.

In his speech, among other ideas, he noted: "We will reach 575 million people living in conditions of extreme poverty by 2030. By then, barely a third of countries will manage to reduce national poverty levels by half. We will not eliminate hunger, as we had agreed. On the contrary, currently, 735 million people suffer from chronic hunger, a figure higher than that recorded in 2015. At this rate, none of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals will be achieved, and more of half of the agreed goals will be missed.

Aware of the current situation, the Group of 77 and China has given top priority to this event, with the aim of placing sustainable development back at the center of the international agenda and providing the necessary political impetus to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.”

“…The lack of progress should not be attributed to the absence of solutions. There are the actions. What is urgently needed is the political will so that “no one is truly left behind.”

Full text: https://cubaminrex.cu/en/statement-president-republic-cuba-miguel-diaz-canel-bermudez-behalf-g77-summit-sustainable



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