Díaz-Canel: We are the children of a people who have overcome the impossible

Havana, December 10, 2022.- A speech of hope and optimism; of challenges; of how much we have done in recent months, of how much we still need to do and will continue to do, was the statement by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, during the closing of the V Plenum of the Central Committee, which was attended by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

"One conclusion is obvious when reviewing the issues and debates in plenary session: the Party is at the center of the problems," said the Head of State in his first words. His ideas summarize the many months of hard work in which the organization has incessantly sought how to improve its work and get closer and closer to what is demanded and expected of it, not only by its militants, but by all the people.

There are multiple battles in which the country has been immersed, and in each and every one of them "the work of our grassroots cadres, from the nucleus and the municipalities to the Political Bureau to assume, from the vanguard" has been indefatigable. Diaz-Canel acknowledged.

The president also spoke of the consecration of revolutionary militancy in these complex years, because without it it would have been very difficult to overcome so many obstacles.

We will have done better or worse. We are not robots programmed not to fail. But we have done it. We have withstood all the blows of nature and our own mistakes, without bending our knees and without giving up the dream of possible prosperity", he valued.

And that, he said, has been possible because "the strength of this industrious, noble, passionate and imaginative people, surpasses the attempt of comparison. Cuba is already a unit of measurement. A Cuba equals maximum resistance with maximum creativity."

The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party referred to the responsibility that all cadres have with "the problems, insufficiencies and errors also accumulated and concomitant with the effects of the blockade."
The resistance of our people, who understands and faces the attack of the adversary, he recognized, falters when it collides with "bureaucracy, laziness, the corruption of certain intermediate layers that fish in the troubled river of difficulties, putting obstacles where solutions go "
"You can't" is an unacceptable message, he stressed. "We are the sons of a people who have conquered the impossible," Díaz-Canel later reflected, sharing with those present his certainty that these new generations, like those that preceded us, will also be capable of winning the war. "Nothing is impossible when a people wants and fights for it"
"Being the leading force of the political system entails the enormous and irreplaceable self-responsibility of the Party to make the work more effective to the extent that it favors popular empowerment through various channels, which does not detract from its vanguard nature. Everything that On the contrary, it reinforces it"

Truth as a temple that needs to be assumed responsibly and objectively by all partisan structures.

In his extremely instructive words, the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party wondered: What is done in each partisan environment to guarantee popular or labor involvement that ensures the real participation of the masses in decision-making? And he answered himself then: "Analysis cannot be complacent but rather very critical of the demands of the present moment"

They constantly called this analysis his reflections, because under no circumstances can the Party "be outside of society."

He then spoke of a revolutionary action that changes everything that does not work in society and must be changed; for the militants to act and feel like a great family of revolutionaries who lead by example; of the leading role of the nuclei and their potential to promote participation and control in the base committees of the Union of Young Communists, the union sections and the organs of Popular Power; as well as perfecting management methods and styles that cannot be reduced to calls and exhortations.

That of this V Plenum was a speech with broad nuances, in which he addressed the responsibilities that the Party has to guarantee that the political discourse is impregnated with ethics and promotes values in favor of the socialist project, and also to educate, share, inform with opportunity and talk.

In his words, there was also space to reflect on the complex international context that has marked the actions of the Party and its Political Bureau in recent times, where political forces with fascist and far-right positions "try to contain the advance of progressive forces and of the left" using the most diverse methods.

"The policy of maximum economic pressure and the blockade have continued to be the main axis that marks bilateral relations with the United States," he said. And to this he added elements such as the persistent and pernicious campaign of threats to countries that need and demand Cuba's medical cooperation; the permanence of measures that encourage illegal migration; and the media campaign to discredit the socialist system, the Government, the leaders and against the popular bases of support for the Revolution.

None of this, he assured him, intimidates and stops us. And he then detailed a series of actions that are carried out within the Party to, among other objectives, maintain a systematic follow-up on the implementation of the Ideas, Concepts and Guidelines emanating from the 8th. Congress of the Communist Party.

Among the many responsibilities of the Organization, he also mentioned various sectors that demand transformative partisan attention, such as work with young people; the link with representatives of civil society; and the fight against cultural colonization and the strengthening of institutions.

Regarding young people, in a particular way, he proudly highlighted how during "the last two and most difficult years, there has not been an important task, a decisive event for the fate of the country, where we have not found youth at the forefront"

Precisely for this reason, he pointed out, the "centrality of the issue in this plenary session and the importance of the Strategy approved to strengthen the integral role of the Union of Young Communists in the present and the future of the country. The challenge now is to implement it with the systematicity that warrants to guarantee its effectiveness"

"The moment of the youth is now and it is in everything. Youth is synonymous with Revolution. And Revolution is synonymous with the Party," he asserted.

Aware that "nothing was ever easy for the Cuban Revolution", the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party concluded his words by sharing with those present his conviction that "the most beautiful thing about human work is to challenge and overcome difficulties. In that certainty the virtue of men is strengthened. And the happiness of the revolutionaries"

As a symbol of continuity, the hug remained with all those present, the one with which Raúl received Díaz-Canel at the end of his words on the podium.


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