Director of Americas of the Kenyan Foreign Ministry for strengthening ties of cooperation with Cuba

Nairobi, January 24.Lucy Kiruthu, Americas Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Kenya, welcomed this morning the Cuban Ambassador, Ernesto Gómez Díaz, and expressed her country's commitment to strength and diversify the existing relations of cooperation and friendship with the Caribbean island.

During the cordial meeting, the current state of bilateral collaboration was reviewed and new fields were identified for its development. The Cuban diplomat took the opportunity to reiterate his country's gratitude for the opening of the Kenyan Embassy in Havana and for the signs of affection and solidarity received in Nairobi following the death of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

Before the end of the exchange, both sides discussed various issues on the African, Latin American and international agenda and on the common challenges that both Third World countries must overcome in this complex world.

EmbaCuba Kenya.

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