"Do not slow down, not even on curves"

"Do not slow down, not even on curves"
It seems that with each new first of May, life insists on raising the bar of challenges for the Cuban workers' movement. And it seems that, in the most Cuban response, this movement insists on jumping over it and continuing... without any fear.
No one would think of denying that, year after year, the national and international context has had a harsh and direct impact, not only on companies, organizations, other workplaces and entities... but also on trade union sections, workers' collectives and the families of those who sweat their shirts off, both in the state sector and in the sphere of other economic actors.
If setbacks, shortages, obstacles and limitations were the determining factor or the compass, it is very likely that this May 1 would already be devoid of posters on walls, banners on buildings and references to the date in the media, and even the streets through which one advances to the squares would be unknown in terms of future participation.
None of this has happened or will happen. Let no one - inside or outside - have any illusions. The population enjoys this traditional and patriotic march too much to give up.
The way many people are preparing phrases, posters, photos and initiatives with paintbrushes and paint, indicates that the Workers’ Central Union of Cuba will once again do what a witty wag named Maikel Almanza jokingly said hours ago: " Do not slow down, not even on curves".
In the midst of the complex situation facing the country, the best gift for Labor Day will be to put on our boots, day after day, knowing that only by working will we be able to overcome this adverse moment.
There is no more natural, logical, and honest way to create wealth than through creative labor. It is not the same to be born as to be transplanted or grafted, nor is it the same to produce as to resell, nor is it the same to solve the needs of the country by producing at home as to become dependent on what must be bought "without remedy" abroad.
It is not surprising, therefore, that after the May 1st call, it was decided to focus ideas and actions on everything that contributes to the economic recovery that the nation so desperately needs, and on a strategic issue: the role of young people in the current context.
The point is to get both things right. And, of course, to make sure that there is as little time as possible (or no time at all) between saying and doing.
(Source: Granma)
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