Dr. Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart concluded his successful visit to Iran

The Scientific Adviser of the Council of State and Vice-President of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, Dr. Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart, successfully concluded his visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran, responding to an invitation from the Vice-President for Science and Technology of the Persian nation, Dr. Sorena Sattari.


Dr. Castro Diaz-Balart and the accompanying delegation completed an extensive program of visits and exchanges with Pasteur Institute of Iran, Aryogen Company, Sharif Technological University, Council of the Nanotechnology Initiative of Iran (INIC) and Technology Parks of Pardis and Isfahan (ISTI), important enclaves located at the outskirts of Tehran and center of the country respectively. Both projects are the most advanced of its kind in the Middle East and Central Asia.


In a warm meeting with Vice-President Sattari, the Cuban guest presented the scientific advances reached during the Cuban Revolution, which were early promoted by its historic leader, Fidel Castro Ruz, and which have placed Cuba at the forefront of biotechnology, with wide impact on health.


The visitor acknowledged the development Iran has achieved in this and other areas of advanced science and high-tech, and highlighted the fruitful cooperation with Cuba for more than 20 years in biotechnology, as an example of the necessary complementation between friendly developing countries, and successful south-south cooperation.


Likewise, both sides recognized the renewed impetus in bilateral relations between Cuba and Iran, which had its climax in the recent visit to Havana of President Hassan Rouhani. In this context, other cooperation projects were identified, including scientific collaboration. 

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