Drill for referendum of Cubans abroad held

Havana, September 11, 2022.- A drill for the referendum on the Family Code was successfully carried out this Sunday among Cubans in diplomatic missions and work commitments abroad, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez informed on Twitter.

The minister added that the Special Electoral Commission of that body "informs that all the conditions for the development of the process are guaranteed."

According to what was informed by the National Electoral Council (CEN), 123 electoral centers have been created abroad and participated in the test.

According to the CEN, the referendum will be held in Cuba's missions abroad on Sunday, 18, while on the island, it will be held on the 25th, for which the polling stations will open their doors from 07:00 local time until 18:00.

On that day, Cubans who have reached 16 years of age, are in full enjoyment of their political and civil rights, have an effective residence in the country for no less than two years before voting, are registered in the Electoral Registry, and do not present any judicial restriction for the exercise of their legal capacity may go to the polls.

Among them will be more than 39,900 young people who are voting for the first time and will be able to vote for a Code that seeks to protect vulnerable sectors and faces discrimination and family violence.

The new legislation also recognizes the rights of the elderly, the right of all persons to find a family and marry, and is in line with the international commitments signed by Cuba in these matters.

(Radio Havana Cuba)

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