Electoral Commission of the Embassy of Cuba in Canada constituted for consultation on the " Families Code".


Ottawa, January 24, 2022- At the headquarters of the Cuban Embassy in Canada, the Electoral Commission of Constituency No. 39 was constituted, which will be responsible for organizing, directing and supervising the development of the popular consultation process on the draft of the new Family Code in Cuba.


The event was presided over by the Chargé d'Affaires a.i. Giuvel Orozco and, as part of the same, the president of the Electoral Commission read the Oath and Principles of the Code of Ethics by which they will be governed in the fulfillment of their responsibilities.


The constitution of this Commission represents the commitment of its members to impartiality, transparency and truthfulness in the discussion of a text that proposes greater inclusion, plurality and diversity of families in Cuba.



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