The Electoral Commission of the Embassy of Cuba to Norway took office

Oslo, January 18, 2022. Today afternoon, the Electoral Commission of the Embassy of Cuba to the Kingdom of Norway took office in a solemn gathering. The Electoral Commission will be responsible for organizing, conducting and supervising the development of the process of popular consultation on the draft of the new Cuban Families´Code.

The Electoral Commission is made up of Maité Rivero Torres, as president, and Juan Carlos Galbán Prieto and Neisi Mena López, as secretary and member, respectively.

On behalf of the members of the Commission, Juan Carlos Galbán Prieto read the Oath signed by all, in which they promised to observe and enforce the Constitution, the Electoral Law and other corresponding regulations; comply with professionalism, discipline and demand, the activities inherent to their positions, and perform their functions with impartiality, transparency and truthfulness, according to the principles and ethics that govern electoral processes in Cuba.

This act constituted an irrevocable sign of the will of the Cuban State to promote the broadest democratic participation in legislative processes. (EmbaCuba Noruega)

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