Embacuba Liberia staff condemns the blockade on the 60th anniversary of the officialization of this policy of economic siege.

Monrovia, February 3, 2021.- The Cuban Embassy in Liberia reiterates its condemnation of the blockade, on a day like today, which marks 60 years since then U.S. President John F. Kennedy signed the official blockade against Cuba and its people.

This failed Cold War policy still constitutes the longest and most comprehensive economic, commercial and financial siege against any country.

Considered as a violation of human rights and the main obstacle to Cuba's development, the blockade imposed by the US on the Greater Antilles is the highest expression of a policy lacking in legality and legitimacy, deliberately designed to provoke hunger, disease and despair.

This policy of economic siege is practically unanimously and universally rejected. In addition to the overwhelming support for the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly each year, there are constant appeals and denunciations by individuals, organizations and institutions around the world, including within the United States.

Since 1959, there have been 13 occupants of the White House. With certain variations, in all cases the intention to provoke the economic collapse and the unsustainability of Cuba's revolutionary plan, through the strict application of the blockade, has been constant. It seems that 60 years have not been enough to realize that it has not achieved, nor will it ever achieve, the objectives of its promoters.


Embacuba Liberia.

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