EmbacubaCanada members meet with Canada-Cuba Parliamentary Friendship Group

Ambassador Hector Igarza held a pleasant meeting with members of the Canada-Cuba Parliamentary Friendship Group, led by the Honourable Senator Nancy J. Hartling and the Member of Parliament, Gabriel Ste-Marie, both co-chairs of the Parliamentary Group. The Cuban side was also represented by the Deputy Head of Mission, Dany Tur; the Economic and Commercial Counselor, Isaylin Cabañas, and the Press and Cultural Attaché, Aileén Carmenaty.


During the meeting, the Cuban Ambassador had an exchange with the participants on the relations between both nations, an example of which are the commercial and economic relations and the importance of Canadian tourism to Cuba. 


He also provided an update on the economic and social situation of our country, which has suffered the impacts of the hostile policy of the U.S. government, following the tightening of the blockade and the arbitrary inclusion of the island in the list of state sponsors of terrorism. 


In addition, the Cuban ambassador addressed Canada's support in the annual voting at the United Nations General Assembly, where the northern country has been in favor of the resolution presented by Cuba to eliminate the genocidal blockade.


The Canadian side expressed its appreciation for the meeting and committed itself to promoting exchanges between Cuban and Canadian parliamentarians, to propose initiatives that could lead to a better mutual understanding of the international situation, and to work to develop cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

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