From EmbacubaCanada we celebrate the Cuba´s National Culture Day.

As part of the Cuba´s National Culture Day, on the evening of October 18 a meeting took place at the Cuban Embassy in Canada with members of the Canadian-Cuban Friendship Parliamentary Group, Canadian officials, businessmen, intellectuals and other friends of Cuba.

During the meeting, tribute was paid to the 155th Anniversary of the beginning of the War of Independence by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, on October 10, 1868 and to the 155th Anniversary of the singing of the notes of our "Hymn of Bayamo". In addition, to the poet José María Heredia, in the 220 years of his birth, to our young artists and to the 75th anniversary of the Foundation of the "Ballet of Cuba" by the Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso, in 1948.

As part of the event, those present had an approach to the culture, heritage and gastronomy of our nation, at the same time that they moved to the rhythm of music and knew the rhythm and flavor of traditional Cuban instruments.

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