Embassy attends a ceremony in the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Hospital

The Embassy of Cuba attended a ceremony  where the Labor Order, third degree, was conferred to the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Hospital, an institution of the capital city that this year is half a century old.

Dang Thi Ngoc Tinh, vice president of the Indo-Chinese country, awarded the Hospital whit the Order, conferred by the Vietnamese State, in recognition of the work of aa hospital that has become a provincial reference center in the specialties of otolaryngology and dentistry.

Since 1989, one of the most outstanding activities of the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Hospital is the medical care for children with maxillofacial defects, and in 1994 the institution launched the “For the smile of the infants” program, in order to include free surgeries for that group of patients.

Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Hospital was founded on June 18, 1969 to serve soldiers and residents of Hanoi, as well as to increase the effectiveness of the international cooperation program with medical experts from Cuba.

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