Embassy of Cuba celebrates the 65th Anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada Barracks

Embassy of Cuba celebrates the 65th Anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada Barracks

Namibia, July 28th, 2018- With the presence of around two hundred people, including representatives of the Namibian government, SWAPO Party leaders, members of the Namibia-Cuba Friendship Association, Cuban collaborators and residents, as well as other friends of Cuba, was celebrated at the headquarters of the diplomatic mission the commemorative festivities for the 65th Anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Barracks.

The central words of the act, on the Cuban side, were in charge of Ambassador Giraldo Mazola, head of the island's diplomatic mission in Namibia. In his speech, the Cuban ambassador stressed the importance of Moncada as an impetus for the beginning of the last stage of struggle to achieve the definitive independence in Cuba and reminded the heroes and martyrs of that feat. He also highlighted the process of constitutional reform that takes place in the country and condemned the US blockade against the Island.

On the Namibian side, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, Ambassador Selma Ashipala, highlighted the historic ties of friendship between the two nations and reaffirmed the solidarity of her people and government with the Island. In this regard, she called on the government of United States the lifting of the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade against Cuba. Likewise, the Namibian leader highlighted the role played by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro in the struggle against the apartheid regime and in favor of Namibian independence.

The second edition of the domino championship "Pollona contra el Bloqueo" was also held in the commemorative activity. The objective of the competition was to denounce the criminal US policy against Cuba. On the other hand, the Cuban residents and collaborators delighted the audience with a casino wheel, an expression of Cubanness. Also, dishes of Creole food and traditional drinks were tasted.

The activity had an impact on the Namibian television, through an extensive report that summarized the event.

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