Embassy of Cuba in the Kingdom of the Netherlands celebrates 500 years of the foundation of the city of Havana

The Hague June 5, 2019. This afternoon June 5 the Embassy of Cuba in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Hispanic Association of The Hague organized a beautiful cultural evening to celebrate the 500 years of the foundation of the city of Havana.   

During the main speech of the event the Ambassador of Cuba, H.E. Mrs. Soraya Alvarez Núñez summarized the history of “the city of columns”, as it was called by great Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier. She referred to the variety of activities undertaken to celebrate this half a millennium of the city as well as UNESCO awarded comprehensive restoration and refurbishment program carried out by the Office of the Historian of the Havana under the wise and passionate guidance of Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler.

The occasion was opportune to show the official clip for the 500 anniversary of Havana under the title: “Por siempre Habana mía”, (For ever Havana of mine) performed by renowned Cuban musicians such as: Frank Fernández, Los Zafiros, Alexander Abreu, Beatriz Márquez among others.

There was also a moment for poetry when Cuban resident in the Netherlands Hubert Walter, accompanied by a pianist recited the piece written by poet Fayad Jamis entitled: “Que sería de mí” (What would be of me), which portraits the Cuban poet´s love for Havana.

To wrap up this emotional gala Cuba musician Jorge Martínez Galán performed playing the piano and with a guitar emblematic pieces from outstanding composers such Ernesto Lecuona, Moisés Simons and others.

A very special moment of the celebration was the tasting of a delicious cake decorated with themes of the Cuban flag and the logo of Havana’s 500 birthday, and also adorned with the colors of Haven’s houses facades.  More than 100 guests including several ambassadors of Latin American and Caribbean countries had the opportunity of tasting the Cuban mojitos and other treats served for the occasion.


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