The Embassy of Cuba in the Kingdom of the Netherlands visits University of Groningen

The Hague, March 28, 2019. Ambassador Soraya Álvarez held fruitful exchanges with the President of the Board of Directors of this important Dutch university, and with international relations officials and professors from the Faculties of Art, Culture and Teleology and Religious Studies. The visit included a tour of two faculties in the university and presentations by professors and directors of the institution, about the characteristics of the undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The Ambassador underlined the sustained relations with this University, while presenting some prospect research projects with counterparts in Cuba, among them the University of Havana and the Center for Advanced Studies of Cuba (CEAC).

As a result of the talks, opportunities to establish a bilateral agreement between higher education centers in Cuba and the University of Groningen  as a basic framework for cooperation and exchange in the common interests for  both parties, including  nano-sciences and economy.

The occasion was propitious to deliver information about some international events to be held in Cuba this year, as well as the possibility of participation in the University 2020 event.

Consul Rafael Lesca, Second Secretary José Pérez Lazo in charge of the educational and scientific-technological cooperation, Third Secretary Katia Aruca Chaple in charge of cultural affairs and press of the Embassy participated in the exchange.



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