The Embassy of Cuba in Mongolia constitutes the Electoral Commission of the Constituency for the popular consultation on the new Family Code

The Embassy of Cuba in Mongolia constituted the Electoral Commission of Circumscription No. 86, corresponding to that Mission, for the popular consultation process on the new Family Code, approved by the National Assembly of People's Power last December. The Commission is chaired by the Ambassador, Jorge Ferrer.

The members of the Commission swore to assume the responsibility of organizing, directing and supervising this exercise of popular participation.

Cubans residing on the island and those living in other countries will be able to participate in the popular consultation of the new Code that will take place in Cuba from February 1 to April 30, by sending their opinions to the Nation and Emigration website, where they will find a interface in which they will be able to access and transfer their opinions and proposals as many times as they deem necessary. The website will also give access to the text of the new Family Code

The Code, a reflection of the reality of current Cuban society, is inclusive, respectful of international treaties; recognizes the rights of each person in the family and will be enriched in another exercise of participatory democracy, with the contributions of all Cubans who live inside and outside the Island.

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