The Embassy of Cuba in the Netherlands is grateful to solidarity friends and Cuban residents for donations for the island.

The Hague, August 22, 2020. On the morning of last Friday, the Presidents of the Netherlands Pro Cuba Foundation and the Association of Cubans in the Netherlands were received at the Embassy of Cuba in the Netherlands as a gesture of gratitude for sending the solidarity aid for the Cuban Health System.

The Cuban Ambassador Soraya Alvarez conveyed the deep gratitude of our people to the Association of Cubans in Holland and to all the solidarity friends, for sending a container with donations to support the confrontation with Covid-19 in our country.

This solidarity aid has a special meaning in the context of an intensified US blockade against Cuba, which will not be able to prevent people of good will from reaching out to support our people.

At the meeting, they also exchanged on the international movement that promotes awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the Henry Reeve Cuban Medical Brigades, and on the solidarity work that these Brigades have developed in 37 countries and territories supporting nations in need in the confrontation with the Covid-19.

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