Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria celebrates the Day of National Rebellion.

Nigeria, July 30, 2022.- With a group of political-cultural activities, the Cuban Embassy in Nigeria celebrated the day of National Rebellion, where the support of its entire group and friends for the Cuban Revolution was once again demonstrated.

With the glorious notes of the national anthems of Cuba and Nigeria, also that of the Anthem of July 26, the activity began, where the Cuban ambassador, Clara Pulido Escandell addressed those present, highlighting the historical and current significance of the feat of a group of young Cubans, led by Fidel Castro, that July 26, 1953, in the attacks on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks.

Representatives of the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, graduates in Cuba, Cuban residents in Nigeria and friends of the embassy who daily accompany us in the development of diplomatic work in general were present at the ceremony.

A moment of great joy was listening to the representative of each group take the floor to highlight the values ​​of the Cuban Revolution, the merit of its people, reaffirm their support in the fight against imperialism and demand the end of the genocidal blockade of the Yankee administration against the Island. A special moment was listening to the poem Los Zapaticos de Rosa by José Martí, recited by the Cuban boy Gabriel Rodríguez and another about Cuba in the voice of the friend of Cuba Tarek (Mambisa).

As part of these celebrations, on July 25, on the eve of the momentous event in the life of the Cuban people, the group of workers from the Cuban embassy also organized a patriotic activity.

The Cuban embassy deeply thanks all the friends who accompany Cuba from Nigeria in the construction of our country and raise their voices against the genocide blockade.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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