Embassy of Cuba participates at Multicultural Festival of Australia

Canberra, February 24, 2020.- The Cuban Embassy in Australia participated last Sunday in the 24th edition of the Australian Multicultural Festival, held between February 21 and 23 in the city of Canberra.

The event was attended by all the accredited diplomatic Missions that took advantage of the space to promote the most distinctive elements of their respective cultures, exhorting the public to discover the tourist attractions of the different regions and countries.

The Cuban Embassy, ​​accompanied by some members of the Australia-Cuba Friendship Association, exchanged and invited the attendees to visit the Greater Island of the Antilles, which received more than 17,000 Australian tourists in 2019.

There was also space for music and dance with several Latin American rhythms such as cumbia, ballenato, samba and rumba that livened up the day to thousands of curious visitors.

This Sunday, Chief Minister Andrew Barr, the highest political authority of the capital's government, exchanged with the staff of the Latin American Embassies present at the event and thanked for their participation and enthusiasm.

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