Embassy of Cuba participates in referendum of the Family Code.

Nigeria, September 18, 2022.- With the opening in the early hours of this day of Electoral College No. 1 of District 115 and the intonation of the national anthem, the Referendum of the Family´s Code began at the Cuban embassy in Abuja, Nigeria. It´s an exercise that is part of the popular consultation process carried out in Cuba.

Characterized by an atmosphere of popular joy, the voting was carried out in accordance with the regulations approved by the National Electoral Council and the guidelines received by the CEE MINREX. During the same, the group of the Cuban embassy was able to exercise its democratic right to decide as a people, the design of the law that we want for the future of the Cuban family, in which it aspires to greater fairness, cohesion, ethics and love.

Among the electorate of the Diplomatic Mission, the young Ana Chavely Bauza Pino, voted for the first time because She arrived at the age of 16 and expressed her pride in being able to participate in this important event for the history of Cuba.

In this way, the commitment of the Cuban people to the improvement of life and society is made clear. The greatest impact moment will be when next September 25, our people massively exercise their right, conquered with the triumph of the Revolution in 1959.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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