The Embassy of Cuba to Qatar prepares to participate in the Cuban consultation of the Family Code

On Tuesday afternoon, January 25th, the Constituency Electoral Commission of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the State of Qatar, chaired by Ambassador Oscar Leon Gonzalez, was constituted to carry out the consultation and referendum process of the Family Code in this State Mission.

In a simple but solemn ceremony, the oath was read out and signed by the members of the Commission, composed as well by the Third Secretary Giselle Rubio Carballo, as secretary of the Commission, and by the comrades Ernesto Lopez Cruz, Angel Mario Felipe Garmendia and Daniel Reynaldo Concepcion, as members.

The new code will be submitted to the popular consultation process from February 1st to April 30th of this year, after being approved by the National Assembly of People's Power during the Eighth Ordinary Period of Sessions of the ninth legislature in December 2021.

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