Embassy in Liberia continues "Africa Day" celebration.

Continuing the "Africa Day" celebrations, in the "Get to know Liberia" section, we reveal the reasons that make Liberians proud.

The Republic of Liberia gave:


  • The first woman of African origin president of the United Nations General Assembly. Angie E. Brooks.

Angie Elizabeth Brooks presided over the United Nations General Assembly from 1969-1970 during the twenty-fourth session, making her, so far, the only woman president of African origin of the Assembly. 


  • The first woman president from an African country. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf took office on January 16, 2006, the first elected woman president in Africa, a position she held until 2018.


  • The first female vice president in this African country. Jewel C. Howard-Taylor.

Jewel Cianeh Howard Taylor is the current vice president of the Republic of Liberia. First woman to hold the office of vice president of rhis country.


  • The first African soccer player to win a gold ball and become president of a country. George M. Weah.

George Weah, 1995 Ballon d'Or winner and current president of the Republic of Liberia, became the first footballer to take power and become president of his country after winning the 2017 presidential election.


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