ESBECAN ratifies its ties with Cuba

A representation of the Association of Ghanaian Trained in Cuba (ESBECAN), led by its President, the engineer Musah Swallah, visited the Embassy of Cuba with the aim of dismissing the First Secretary, Julio César Sánchez and his wife Eulalia Cárdenas San Martín, who will soon travel to Cuba, after completing their Diplomatic Mission in Ghana.


In the meeting, in which Ambassador Pedro Luis Despaigne González participated, the members of the ESBECAN board recalled moments of their stay in Cuba, part of which took place during the “special period”. Their also expressed their satisfaction with Cuba's progress in the search for an effective vaccine against the pandemic. Current Cuban issues were addressed, and especially as in the context of the Covid-19 effects, the US administration continues its fierce siege against the Cuban people. The ESBECAN members ratified their rejected to the blockade.


The First Secretary highlighted the support received for his work in the country from the members of ESBECAN, and expressed his wishes that the ties between Ghanaians trained in Cuba and the Embassy continue to strengthen. (Cubaminrex / Embacuba Ghana)

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