Fernández de Cossío: We were informed but we do not like naval presence in our territory without invitation

Havana, June 14, 2024.- The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Carlos Fernández de Cossío Domínguez, in conversation with journalist Arleen Rodríguez Derivet, declared about the presence of a United States nuclear submarine at the Guantánamo Naval Base.

"We were aware of its presence, because in accordance with procedures that we have followed for years, the United States informed us in advance. But obviously we do not like the presence in our territory and transiting through our waters of an environment of that nature, belonging to a power that maintains official and practical policy that is hostile against Cuba".

He also stated that: "Naval visits to a country are usually the result of an invitation and this is not the case. The important thing to remember is the illegal and unacceptable nature of the occupation of a part of our territory by a foreign power in against the will of the Cuban people. It is an illegitimate military occupation and that is what makes the difference."



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