Fidel Castro is awarded with the Trinidadian Medal of Honor "Father of the Nation".

Port of Spain, April 8, 2017. On the occasion of the 36th anniversary of the death of Dr. Eric Williams, former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, in a ceremony organized by the Committee that bears his name,  Fidel Castro was awarded posthumously  with the Gold Medal of Honor "Father of the Nation", for his contribution to the peoples of the Caribbean and of Trinidad and Tobago.

In the act of imposition, the Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Reginald Vidale C.A, highlighted the example of the Commander-in-Chief and the validity of his ideals for all the peoples of the world. He added that this award is a well-deserved tribute to a great leader of the Caribbean region, defender of social justice and solidarity among peoples.

The Cuban Ambassador, Guillermo Vázquez Moreno, received the award on behalf of Cuba and in his words he expressed the gratitude of the Cuban People and Government and the high significance of the distinction given to the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution.

The event was held at the Memorial named after Dr. Eric Williams and was attended by local authorities, relatives of Eric Williams, members of his cabinet, the accredited Diplomatic Corps, among others present.


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