"Fidel, an eternal model of leadership for humanity." The VI Anniversary of the physical disappearance of the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, is commemorated in Nigeria.

Nigeria, November 25, 2022.- Organized by the Platform of the Nigerian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba and the Cuban embassy in Nigeria, a solemn and moving act was held at the University of Abuja, on the occasion of the six years since the death of the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro.

With the title: "Fidel, an eternal model of leadership for humanity" the commemoration began with the presence of hundreds of young university students and with the participation of representatives of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in the country, important personalities from the Nigerian trade union world, friends of the solidarity movement with Cuba, dear friends of Cuba, the group of the Cuban embassy in the country and directors of that important house of study that represents one of the most important universities in the country.

During the act, representatives of the diplomatic corps raised their voices to highlight the importance of the example of Fidel and the Cuban people in building a society for the future, while different union leaders, politicians, representatives of the Nigerian youth sector, the solidarity movement and Friends of Cuba, from the historical reference of Fidel's legacy and the resistance of the Cuban people, highlighted the need to observe the Cuban revolutionary process as a paradigm in the construction of a better, more just society. At the same time, they warned about the current challenges, especially in the influence of the media at the service of large transnationals in trying to impose new benchmarks.

During the event, complaints were also raised against the United States blockade against Cuba, its negative impact on the construction of Cuban society, and it was demanded that Africa continue the fight to put an end to this hostile policy.

Within the framework of the activity, the Cuban ambassador, Clara M. Pulido Escandell, referred to the life of the Commander in Chief, the importance more than ever of his example and legacy to face the current challenges and also thanked those present for their support, in the fight against the blockade and in the organization of this special commemoration, especially to the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba and the University of Abuja.

A moment of special significance was the space for culture and reflection, where the dear comrade Tar Ukoh (Mambisa) harangued the young people present about the Commander in Chief and sang in chorus with that mass of university students where patriotic slogans of ¡Viva Fidel! Long live the revolution! Long live Cuba!

 Between videos and allegorical images of the life and work of Fidel, dedicated to that giant of universal stature, this important meeting culminated.


(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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