Fidel's 92 birthday celebrated in Australia

Canberra, August 13 - A moving function was organized in the Australian Capital Territory by the Embassy of Cuba and the ACFS (Australia Cuba Friendship Society) with the aim of paying tribute to Fidel Castro, who would be reaching to 92 years this 13th August .

To commemorate the date, it was screened the Mundo Latino's documentary "The merit of staying alive" , which comprises the opinion from Cuban intellectuals, artists, students, workers, Armed Forces'representatives and diplomats on Fidel's legacy, specially on his concern about the Third World most serious problems.

In her remarks, the Third Secretary from the Embassy of Cuba, Dunia Martin, highlighted Fidel's key role of in the most recent history of Cuba, wich was revealed to the world since the very begining, at Moncada barracks assault on 26th July 1953. Fidel Castro is no longer physically with us but continues to be the guide and an inspiration for revolutionary people in Cuba and all over the world.

Since 2017, several tributes have been made to the figure of Fidel in different cities of Australia, where the Cuban artist Roberto Chile´s photographic exhibition "Fidel es Fidel", was presented.