The first edition Festival of the Great South is celebrated in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, May 17, 2024.- Organized by the Organization for Southern Cooperation (OSC), the first edition of the Festival of the Great South: Peoples on the Move, Living Cultures will take place in Ethiopia on May 18, 2024, an event that is rooted in the infinite richness of the heritage of the peoples,  the communities and nations of the Great South.

The event will feature artists from different countries and will feature a public tribute to Palestinian heritage, culture and arts to remember Hiba Abu Nada and Refaat Alareer, Amazonian Shuar poets from Ecuador, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Djibouti, design artists from Palestine and Addis Ababa and painters from Senegal who will pay tribute.

The festival will also feature Le Trio Joubran, a Palestinian group that plays the Arabic lute, one of the oldest instruments in the world and will be enriched by the meeting between Cuban musicians and dancers from the National Folkloric and the Raúl Paz orchestra, it will also feature the Ethiopian shoulder dance and the precursors of Trinidad and Tobago reggae.

The first edition of the Festival of the Great South seeks to:

  • To provide a vibrant meeting and exchange space for artists, creators, and the Peoples in motion of the Greater South. The Festival presents an opportunity for all artists arriving from diverse artistic forms and genres to express, through voices and bodies, the various and multiple narratives that shape the realities of the majority and silenced world, offering a glimpse of the future that the South, and humanity as a whole, deserves.
  • To assert the living nature of the cultures of the Greater South, neither ousted from their past, nor stagnant within it, but in perpetual transformation and constant balance between the settlements of the past and the uprisings of the future.
  • To democratize culture, not as a mere object of observation, but as a vital force both shaped by and shaping, remaining true to itself concerning its past, authentic to its essence in dialogue with and within the world.
  • To unveil the continuity that extends across the three continents of the Greater South, with contemporary cultures that preserve the memory of ancient exchanges and foster the vitality of their Peoples' integrative aspirations towards an authentic future.
  • To awaken the multiple forms of cultural expression of the Peoples of the Greater South, offering new readings and interpretations, through the diversity of artistic expression, and reality, and inviting to forge roads by walking.



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