Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez holds the United States responsible for the incidents in Cuba.

Havana, July 13. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez, said at a press conference that the US government identified # COVID19 as an opportunity to reinforce the blockade and its aggression against our country.

Referring to the riots that occurred last Sunday, he affirmed that it has been a deliberate, cruel, and opportunistic attempt to take advantage of the conditions of a pandemic to try to strangle our economy.

He denounced a company created in Florida as a promoter of the campaign that calls for humanitarian intervention in Cuba and said that asking for such an intervention is asking for a military invasion by the United States.

The Minister showed evidence of the open manipulation of the information and assured that most of the participants in this campaign were in the US, and used automated systems for the viralization of the contents.

 "I accuse the US government of being involved in the July 11 incidents. It will be responsible for the consequences that occur in our country."

"If President Joseph Biden had any sincere concern for the Cuban people, he could make executive decisions that would ease the blockade," he added.


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