Former President of Finland Tarja Halonen receives Dr. Mariela Castro Espín in Helsinki

Helsinki, May 28, 2018. Former President of Finland, Mrs. Tarja Halonen, held a meeting on Monday, May 28, with Dr. Mariela Castro Espín, director of the National Center for Sexual Education of Cuba (CENESEX), after the conference given by the Cuban parliamentarian at the University of Helsinki.

During the cordial meeting, it was recalled the experiences they shared a few years ago in the High Level Working Group for the International Conference on Population and Development of the United Nations, chaired by former President Halonen.

Furthermore, they exchanged criteria and experiences on the topics addressed by Dr. Mariela Castro Espín in her lecture, and agreed to evaluate the possibilities of cooperation between the University of Helsinki, CENESEX and other Cuban institutions.

The former president Halonen, current Chair of the Board of Directors of the University of Helsinki, congratulated the Director of CENESEX for the Honorary Doctor title received few days before from Åbo Akademi University. (Report: Embassy of Cuba to Finland).

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