Founding Father of Namibia receives the Ambassador of Cuba.

Founding Father of Namibia receives the Ambassador of Cuba.

Namibia, March 11th, 2019- Cuban Ambassador Sidenio Acosta paid a courtesy call to the First President and Founding Father of Namibia, Sam Nujoma. The African leader gave a warm welcome to the Cuban Ambassador and expressed his willingness to support him in fulfilling his duties.

At the meeting, held in a climate of brotherhood, the historical leader of SWAPO also thanked Cuba for its support to his people during the struggle for the independence of Namibia and the collaboration in different sectors received from the Island. He also recalled the intervention of the Cuban troops to rescue the survivors of the Cassinga Massacre and the schools opened in Cuba to educate the children victims of that barbarism.

Nujoma recalled the close ties of friendship that united him to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and highlighted his role in front of Cuban troops in the final defeat of the apartheid regime in the battle of Cuito Cuanavale.

Both also exchanged about the close bilateral relations between Namibia and Cuba and the ways for their strengthening.

For his part, Ambassador Sidenio Acosta updated the Namibian leader of the constitutional reform process carried out in Cuba and the recovery after the passage of a tornado through Havana. He thanked the Namibian historical support in the fight against the US blockade, both in the UN and in the African Union. He also addressed the current Latin American context, emphasizing the imperialist aggression against the people of Venezuela.

President Nujoma reaffirmed his support for the Venezuelan government, his condemnation of the imperialist aggression and his rejection of interference in the internal affairs of that South American country.

In addition, officials from the Namibian Foreign Ministry and President Nujoma's office, as well as others diplomats from the Cuban state mission, were present at the meeting

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