In the framework of "Africa Day", Cuba's Head of Mission in Liberia gives interview to Cuban radio station Radio Habana Cuba.

Monrovia, May 22, 2021 - In the framework of the day on the occasion of the celebration of "Africa Day", the head of the Cuban mission in Liberia, Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera, gave an interview to Cuban radio station Radio Habana Cuba.

In the interview, the Cuban diplomat stressed that, for Cuba, May 25 is like a date of its own due to the diverse links that unite it with Africa, which are the basis of a friendship based on deep cultural and historical roots.

He indicated that this day is also a day of deep recognition to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, inspirer of the genuine approach of the Cuban people to Africa, that the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution was the main promoter and defender of the ties between Cuba and Africa.

He pointed out that cooperation between Cuba and African countries continues to play an outstanding role and that a central place is given to medical collaboration, despite the fact that Cuba has cooperated and continues to cooperate with Africa in practically all sectors.

She added that Cuba appreciates and recognizes the permanent expressions of solidarity it receives from its African brothers and sisters, the unanimous support of the governments, leaders and peoples of Africa to the struggle against the US blockade imposed on Cuba, including the vote in favor of the elimination of that policy within the African Union and the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Diplomat Martínez Herrera ends her interview by congratulating the African peoples and affirming that the relationship between Cuba and the peoples of Africa is as deep as it is indestructible.


Embacuba Liberia.

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