Fraternal Meeting in India to celebrate the National Rebellion Day, and the 90th Birthday of Fidel.

New Delhi, August 12, 2016. The collective of the Cuban State Mission along with the company of children, youth, academics, diplomats, leaders and members of Solidarity with Cuba group in New Delhi, and other friends of the island dressed in traditional dresses like Sari, met in an emotional activity to honor the National Rebellion Day and the celebration of the 90th birthday of the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

The event was centered on the photographic exhibition on "Fidel and India"; the projection of an audiovisual that highlighted the moments of Revolutionary history in which he had been present and the granting of Certificates of Recognition and presentation of awards for the best work among participants in a painting competition and essays on Cuba and Fidel called on by the Ambassador of Cuba to India Oscar I. Martínez Cordovés, shortly before his trip to Cuba to participate in the Annual Meeting of the Heads of Mission.

In the introductory words, the Charge d' affaires a.i., Marileydis Dueñas Morales, shared with those present about the glorious event in the history that happened in Cuba on July 26, 1953, and the legacy of the Commander who highlighted his exemplary leadership of the Cuban people and admired and beloved figure of a large number of people from the world who have had him as a spokesman of the conflicts and aspirations. She added that the best gift to Fidel is the continuation of the struggle for the principles and values he has promoted.

Other speakers at this activity were Vibha Maurya, University professor who provided the details about the emotional day of Fidel celebrated at the University of Delhi. For his part, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in India Augusto Montiel highlighted the great example of Fidel for revolutionaries.

In the painting competition awards were granted to young students of the José Martí School and a painting and an appreciation was presented to Mr. M.S Negi the Director of the School. Also, Dr. Ashwani Kumar from the University of New Delhi, among others such as Ms. Patel Pramoda also received the Certificate of Recognition from the Embassy of Cuba for their outstanding participation.

Among the diplomas of great contribution, the highlight was the young Abhinav Borbora president of the NGO "Students Welfare Committee”, who traveled to New Delhi from Guwahati city in the Indian state of Assam along with two other young members of that institution and donated an oil Painting on Fidel, containing a gamosa on his neck. This is a fabric used in Assam as a sign of love or respect. The painting was created by painters and CAE students and sent to the Commander on the occasion of his 90th birthday. The student commented with touching words on the contribution of Fidel to the achievements in education and health by Cuba and the solidarity of the Cuban Revolution with other countries of the world.

Subsequently, on August 14, the press and TV Guwahati published about  the donation made by the NGO delegation to commemorate the 90th birthday of former Cuban President Fidel Castro Ruz was made. (Embacuba India)