Friends of Cuba celebrated 26th July in Melbourne

Members from the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society(ACFS) gathered together last weekend in Melbourne city to commemorate 26th July and stressed their support to the Cuban Revolution.

The opening words were delivered by the ACFS´s president, Mrs. Maree Dellora, who stressed the historical significance of that date in which Fidel Castro was revealed  to the world as the leader of the revolutionary process that gave Cuba its definitive independence, on 1rst January 1959.

At the function, a young Australian guitarist played two pieces compoused by the award-winning Cuban composer Leo Brower, while the Mexican amateur artist group Xochiquetzal performed a danced with a Guantanamera´s background.

On behalf of the Embassy of Cuba attended the activity the Third Secretary Dunia Martin Hernández, who took advantage from that opportuny to offer up-to-date information on Cuba current events, especially in relation to the constitutional reform process that is taking place in the country.