Friends of Cuba pay tribute to Fidel in Denmark.

Friends of Cuba pay tribute to Fidel in Denmark.

Copenhagen, November 4, 2023. At a meeting 67 years after the arrival of the Yacht Granma to the coasts of Cuba, on December 2, a tribute ceremony took place that allowed us to remember the legacy and life of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, regarding the celebration, on November 25, of the seventh anniversary of his departure to immortality.

The Ambassador of Cuba, Roger López García, addressed different facets of the statesman, recognized as one of the most outstanding figures of the 20th century, and part of the 21st, in an activity that took place at the Casa Latinoamericana in this capital, together with the Movement of solidarity, and in which representatives of friendly parties, unions, social and youth organizations participated, along with the assistance of some Cuban residents.

The diplomat recalled the Cuban leader's feeling for the just cause of the Palestinian people, who today face the dramatic consequences of Israel's genocidal scourge. Also, he referred to the most aggressive prolonged scheme of unilateral coercive sanctions imposed on any nation, and concluded by saying that all of Cuba will continue to defend Fidel's legacy, with the conviction of building a better Homeland.

For the Friendship Association, Sven Erik, member of the Board of Directors, made a synthesis of the political thought of the National Hero of Cuba, which, according to him, served Fidel, as a base and guide, for the continuity of the fight for an independent path in search of national sovereignty.

Likewise, the Caribbean representative said goodbye to those present, after four years of work, and thanked the Association for its permanent support for the Cuban Revolution.

In the cultural activity, the prominent Danish musician, Arne Würgler, enlivened the evening with the best of his musical repertoire. Latin American interpreters residing in Denmark also participated.

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