The Friendship Association "Trinidad and Tobago Friends of Cuba" sends a message of solidarity to the Cuban people.

Port of Spain, August 9, 2022. The "Trinidad and Tobago Friends of Cuba" Friendship Association sent a message of solidarity to the Cuban people on the occasion of the incident that occurred at the Matanzas Supertanker Base on August 5.

They thanked in the letter the quick help of the governments of Mexico and Venezuela to control the unfortunate accident. They also conveyed the confidence they have in the spirit of the Cuban Revolution that will prevail over the adversity of the disaster, a decisive position maintained in the face of the illegal and inhumane blockade perpetrated by the US Government.

With heartfelt words, they expressed their solidarity with the affected families and the Cuban people in general, wishing the country a speedy recovery and minimizing the possible economic consequences caused by the event.

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