Fruitful exchange with young Pakistani academics and students on the US blockade and sanctions against Cuba.

Islamabad, August 9, 2021 _ "Cuba is grateful that Pakistan has been and will continue to be by Cuba's side in its struggle against the US blockade, because it is an illegal policy that goes against the interests of the Cuban people and is contrary to international humanitarian law," said Ambassador Zéner Caro in an online session organized by the Youth Diplomacy Forum to analyze the US sanctions against the Caribbean island.

At the event, in which more than thirty young students and academics from different Pakistani universities participated, the Cuban diplomat made a presentation on the origins, implementation and tightening of the blockade in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and answered several questions from the participants. He also recalled the 29 consecutive occasions that the United Nations General Assembly has voted against the blockade and stressed that on no other issue on the international agenda has the US remained so isolated in its positions. Embacuba Pakistan.


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