Fundraising in Australia to help Cuba in the fight against Covid-19

Canberra, May 25th - The Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS) launched a national campaign to raise funds with the aim of supporting Cuba in the fight against Covid-19, at a time when the United States government is intensifying its policy of sanctions and blockade towards the island.

With the name ¨Covid-19: Help for Cuba¨, the call was launch on the public online platform MyCause and expresses that the Cuban people and government have always been the first to show their solidarity and send medical and other types of assistance around the world in times of crisis, but at the same time the United States' blockade imposes serious restrictions on Cuba for the purchase of medical supplies and other products that are needed to contain the coronavirus. For this reason, the different branches of the Friendship Society make a solidarity call to all sectors of Australian society to raise funds to help Cuba obtain these much-needed materials, which can also be channelled through donations to an authorized bank account for that purpose.

In contrast with Washington's orchestrated campaign of discredit and lies against Cuba's international medical cooperation, the ACFS reaffirms its solidarity and highlights the great contribution that our country is currently undertaking in the global battle against Covid-19, where more than 2,100 Cuban health collaborators have left for 24 nations to contribute to the fight against the pandemic.


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